Washer and Dryer Repair In Orland Park

Can you imagine going back to the days of having to wash your clothes by hand and hanging it on the clothes line to dry?  Well maybe that’s a bit too far fetched for you but that’s how things were done in the no-so-distant past. Today our time is extremely valuable and packed with so many other things to do that we need our washers and dryers to function they way they’re supposed to.  In today’s digital world, washers are dryers are built with computer panels that control how they function, but if you take out the computer that runs it, they are actually very simply designed. If you’re having problems with your washer and dryer and need someone to diagnose and repair what is happening then you can reach out to us for washer and dryer repair in Orland Park.

When it comes to your washer, the most common issue we see are an agitator that isn’t working properly, poor water drainage, and a leaky machine during its wash cycle.  Occasionally we get a call from a customer whose machine shakes almost uncontrollably. We’ve seen it all and we can help with your appliance. We have years of experience fixing washers of all manufacturers and we carry replacement parts on hand, so we’ll make sure to leave with your washing machine in proper working order. 

Typical problems we see with washing machines

Washer not draining properly

This is a very common problem and one that can usually be resolved by checking the drain hose for any clogged areas or by replacing a drain pump that has gone bad.  If any of these two issues doesn’t resolve the problem we are happy to inspect your washing machine to further diagnose the malfunction.  

You’ll usually find that its the simple things that don’t allow your appliance to function the right way, in the case there are a number of places where the drain hose to your washing machine can get clogged.  Try inserting something that is not sharp, but that can pass through, into your drain hose to feel for stoppages. If there is an area that is obviously blocked then cleaning it should do the trick.

If after checking the drain hose you suspect that it could be the drain pump you’ll want to make sure you check the drain inlets for any blockages since that could affect the performance of your pump.  There’s a chance that it could have also locked up and seized, but the motor will still attempt to turn it. If you have kids that forget to take out things from their pockets then it’s possible that the bearings have been jammed by something like a coin, pen, or other small sharp objects.  Inspect the drain pump to your washing machine thoroughly as it could be the smallest things that cause the biggest problems.

Washing machine will not spin or agitate

To properly determine why your washing machine isn’t spinning or agitating properly you’ll need to remove the cabinet casing to look “under the hood”.  There are a number of issues that could be causing this, but let’s look at the most common:

Load is too large

Too many people stuff their washers with so many clothes that the basket ends up being unevenly distributed and doesn’t spin or agitate properly.  Sometimes that machine will make banging noises and will shake violently because the load is off. If you experience this, you can do one of two things - either take some clothes out and balance out the load by evenly distributing the clothes or you can leave all the clothes in but balance out the placement of the clothes.  When you first put the clothes in the washer it may have been distributed well but once the water is added it will throw things off.

Time to change the belt

Washing machines come with a series of belts that help the agitator gyrate and if it’s showing signs of wear and tear then you’ll want to consider replacing the belts.  You can see the wear just by looking at them, sometimes they have streaks running through them, cuts, or even chunks missing. If a belt breaks then your machine won’t work properly, if even at all.  Sometimes it’s not just the belt though, it can also be the pulley system that has seized which caused the belt to break. If the pulley is truly the problem then you need to replace the pulley or you’re going to see another broken belt in the very near future.

Washer won’t finish the cycle

This issue is relatively simple to fix, but if you notice that your washer continues to wash your clothes even after the cycle should have ended then its a strong indication that you have a defective timer.  To fix this you’ll need to remove the casing and inspect the timer for corrosion or scorching. If there is evidence of either, you should completely replace the timer for a new one. If that did not fix the issue then you should contact a local appliance repairman for additional assistance.  

If you’re looking for washer and/or dryer repair in Orland Park then we’d be happy to help you diagnose and fix your appliance.  We have years of experience and are knowledgeable with all major makes and models. Same day service is available. Call us now to schedule a visit!