Dishwasher Repair In Orland Park

Doing dishes by hand can be a chore for some and a stress reliever for others, but if you’re one of those that cannot stand doing it manually then you know how valuable a functioning dishwasher is for your home.  They’re amazing at saving time and often times you actually save water by having them go through the machine. But what happens what your dishwasher needs repair because it stopped working? There aren’t many things that can go wrong, but most often here is what we see from our client visits:

Dishwasher gets filled up

You can imagine what a mess this can create if the water keeps filling up without properly draining at the right time.  The end result could be a watery soapy mess all over the floor and not to mention an over usage of water. When this happens there is a miscommunication with the float switch that never triggered the water to be shut off.  You could also be experiencing an issue with the timer being stuck, therefore never telling the water to shut off. Another issue could be that the water inlet valve is stuck open and constantly releasing water.

Water leaks from the dishwasher

This is an issue we see on a frequent basis, and it could usually be a one-off situation.  It’s possible that you completely packed in the dishes and the water ended up leaking out of the bottom, but the most typical reason for water leaking out of your dishwasher is because you have a seal around the perimeter of the dishwasher door that isn’t completely sealing the water from escaping.  Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the connection of the drain hose is tightly bound to the dishwasher as that could cause excess water to leak everywhere.

Dishwasher makes a lot of noise

When it was new, your dishwasher was silent and stealthy but now that it has some age behind it you may notice some loud noises and grinding sounds coming from your dishwasher.  If you do, this could be problematic as it usually indicates that the spray arm could be making contact with your dishes (clashing). You may now be hearing the noises from your dishwasher because there is a misalignment issue that needs to be corrected.  Once the alignment issue gets resolved then you shouldn’t hear the banging noises. Another problem could be the seal or ring rattling around as the dishwasher is functioning or you could have a defective pump.

Dishes don’t get cleaned

This general and vague problem is probably one of the most common reasons we get called in and sometimes its the trickiest to resolve.  Your dishwasher isn’t a miracle worker so if you stuff it completely full of dishes with caked on food then you’re going to notice that your dishes come out spotty or even slightly greasy.  If so, the best thing you could do is to wash more frequently and make sure to leave your dishes soaking before you load them into the dishwasher. This will help any food that has hardened onto your dishes get softer.  If you’ve already tried this, then it could be the float switch or the spray arm that isn’t functioning right.

Dishwasher doesn’t fill up

Obviously your dishwasher needs water to properly clean your dishes, but if the dishwasher isn’t getting the adequate amount of water it needs to properly do its job then you could have an issue with your float which indicates to your dishwasher to shut down once a certain level has been reached and maintained.  If this is off, you may need to replace the float. Another thing that could be wrong is that your door isn’t properly shut. There is a sensor on the door that gets activated when the door is properly shut, make sure to inspect that the door gets properly closed.

Water doesn’t drain

The opposite problem can also happen where the water won’t drain.  The real problem with that is that your dishes are immersed in soiled dirty water and they usually come out noticeably dirty.  The most likely problem is a clogged drain or filter, but you could also have a faulty drain pump or drain sensor that can contribute to water collecting.  For the time being, you could always hand dry your dishes, but it’s certainly not a long term solution.

Door doesn’t latch shut

You’ve probably noticed by now that if your dishwasher door isn’t properly closed then it wont work so this one is important.  Check to make sure that the striker plate is aligned properly, if not it could be running into the inside of the door preventing it from closing.  The latch system could also be bent or broken due to daily wear and tear so a replacement may be in order.

We have years of experience diagnosing, fixing and replacing the problems mentioned above.  If you feel that you’d like our service then give us a call and we’ll do what we can to service you the same day.