Stove & Oven Repair In Orland Park, IL

Stoves are probably one of the easiest home appliances to diagnose and repair because they are a very straightforward appliance.  There aren’t very many components to a stove, but when you can’t figure them out, they can be extremely frustrating. Whether you own a gas stove or electric stove, we can quickly help you diagnose and repair your stove in no time.  We are experts in all the major brands and carry their replacement parts as well.  

The most frequent issue we see when repairing a stove in Orland Park is that the stove gives off a constant “clicking” sound and the flame is never abundant.  If this is the case then your stove needs to be cleaned properly and you want to make sure that the gas lines are free of grease, foods, and other debris.

If this isn’t the issue you’re facing then we’d have to dig a little deeper to see what the cause of the problem is.  As previously mentioned, these appliances are very straightforward so if the gas isn’t reaching the stove top burner then the issue may have something to do with the gas line coming into the stove.  A good indicator that the line isn’t connected is if you smell gas in the house. Once we find the source of the issue we can usually see that it’s either the piece needs to be cleaned, replaced or attached.  In any event, if you’re looking for a repairman to fix your stove then give us a call for immediate service.  We’ll do our very best to arrange for same day service.

Electric Stove Repair

Electric stoves are just as simple are gas stoves are, but with different components.  They function in much the same way an electric heater does - both provide heat through the use of a heated coil system.  If the coils in your electric stove aren’t heating up to a high enough temperature then it could be something as simple as replacing out the burners, a bad connection to the burner socket, or even a faulty switch. 

Oven Repair

Ovens are just as straightforward as the stove is and few things often go wrong with them, but when they do, it’s tricky to get it fixed.  Below are a few issues we tend to see when performing oven repair in Orland Park.

Oven light won’t turn on - 

We always recommend starting in the most obvious spot, maybe your bulb is burned out so it’s time to replace the oven bulb.  Try that first and if it doesn’t do the trick then it could be a faulty light switch, electronic control, or connecting wire.  Because electrocution is always a possibility when working with live wires, it is always recommended to call your local appliance repairman to look at the job.

Oven won’t turn on - 

Every major appliance in the house should be running on their own circuit to prevent each one from tripping the other.  First thing would be to check the circuit breaker box to see if the circuit was tripped. If so, just flip the switch back to see that the power has come back to the oven.  If it’s not the circuit breaker and the oven is receiving power, but it’s still not turning on then it could be one of a few things. An electric oven could have a broken wire, a bad control, bake, or broil element.  If you own a gas oven, some problems to consider would be a faulty gas control igniter or valve. Give us a call if you are experiencing any of these issues, we know how to properly diagnose the issue and resolve it on the spot.

Oven temperature isn’t right - 

When you set the oven temperature to a certain setting, it has certain settings in place to make sure the temperature remains constant.  If you notice that the temperature goes much higher than what you set it for then you’ll need to recalibrate your temperature controls.  

The easiest way to recalibrate your oven temperature is to look in your owners manual and reset it manually.  Often times its a setting on the front face of your oven that controls the allowable variance from the temperature you initially set it at.

Oven won’t self clean

There are a few issues that can prevent an oven from cleaning itself, but the first place to start would be to make sure the oven is properly locked.  Ovens have a switch that indicates whether the door is completely shut or not. If not, the self cleaning cycle will not be initiated.

If the lock is properly in place then it could be an issue with the temperature control thermostat, the wiring, oven control board or thermal fuse.  You’ll want to make sure you contact your repairman that services ovens because it will require special tools and skills to diagnose and replace these parts.